The Weigh In!  AAAAAAAAghhhhhh!

The Weigh In! AAAAAAAAghhhhhh!

Tomorrow is actually Christmas Eve, but it looks like we’re doing 2 Christmas Dinners tomorrow.  That’s right 2.  SO, I’m going to weigh in tomorrow morning and see what the numbers say.  From the looks of me, I don’t think I lost 20 lbs.  I changed a couple of things in the diet, just to see if it would still work, and it has.  I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, cheated a looooot more, and switched up some of the food choices.  Turns out you can still lose weight even if you don’t listen to your own advice, but I don’t know that I’ve made the 20lbs. mark.

I DO know that I have gained quite a bit of muscle.  I can see it, and I can feel it.  I am much more solid, though quite a bit slimmer.  My muscles are less flabby and soft and more strong and lean.  So I KNOW it’s working, but I shouldn’t have made the changes.  It was a good test though.

I’ll weigh in in the morning and let you all know where I am.  I’ll also do my measurements tomorrow.  Then, I’m taking a week or two off and i’m going to eat cookies all day every day until New Years!  Why would I do this?  because I like cookies.  And it’s really not that hard to lose the weight, so i’m not to afraid to gain a pound or two.

I’ll let you all know what the next day or so brings.

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