Exercise Time Management  Health News For Families

Exercise Time Management Health News For Families

by Kareem F. Samhouri, DPT, CSCS, HFI

Fitting in an exercise routine to an already busy schedule can be challenging. In reality, this becomes easy once you have adapted your day to day routine. The majority of people who report that they have difficulty finding time to exercise also report that they just cant fit it in. To truly find time for exercise, youll need to become organized with scheduling, plan your exercises for the week, and create a dynamic gym environment.

In order to be effective with your exercise program, youll need to schedule appropriately. This means that youll be more likely to succeed with your health and fitness goals if you schedule a specific time of the day to exercise for an entire month. The time of day does not have to be the same each day (although this is recommended), but it does have to be pre-scheduled, just as you would a doctors appointment.

Planning your exercises for a whole week at a time allows you to set small and manageable goals, while improving the flow of your exercise program. After all, whichever exercises you choose today will have an impact on tomorrow. Naturally, with this approach, you will see more variety in your exercise program as well.

Knowing when to repeat exercise with a muscle group can be a difficult decision, although this is another topic in itself. Traditionally, most fitness professionals would recommend you rest at least two days before repeating a muscle group when exercising for pure strength. On the other hand, exercising for endurance may allow you to repeat exercises and muscle groups more frequently.

Last, in an effort to establish a routine with exercise, its important that you are not bored, and that you continue to get results. By mixing things up, or constantly choosing different exercises, you are preventing your body from adapting to the same exercise routine over time. With a constantly changing stimulus, you are setting yourself up for success with your goals, thereby increasing fat loss benefits and fitness results. An exercise routine that is constantly repeated becomes easy, as our bodies adapt to repeated stressors over time by increasing efficiency. For this reason, long-distance runners are able to sustain a great speed for prolonged times. This however, will not work to burn as many calories and keep your body guessing. Use caution when designing your exercise routine, as compliance directly relates to your exercise success.

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Written by Kareem F. Samhouri, DPT, CSCS, HFI on April 9th, 2009 with

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