Choosing The Best Essential Oil

Choosing The Best Essential Oil

Aromatherapy is derived from the historical technique of employing natural plant essences to improve health. It entails the use of natural essential oils obtained from a large variety of plants, which have been steam distilled, fruit, and bark. This, however, can often be the case simply due to price. Aromatherapy is a method of using complex plant oils for personal well-being. Some substances give oil readily and quickly, as an example Corn, others need more chemical refining, heat in particular, such as rosewood which then requires a high degree of refining.

The most popular way that the oils are used, in the USA at least, is by massage. Mix your selected mix or essential oil into your selection of carrier. Using pure eucalyptus leaf oil to relieve congestion is a common example of the benefits of essential oils (huiles). You don’t need to be a trained aromatherapist, a soft touch may not produce the strong muscle results that a skilled aromatherapist can make, but long sweeping aromas can sooth tensions and remove anxiety. This is less likely to be the case if an aromatherapist is focusing on hair care or practicing within the arena of the cosmetics industry where advertising and hype play a more important part.

Besides medicinal benefits at the physical level, essential oils help to relax emotions. Essential oils are useful for other purposes. Unless one is using freshly grown plant material, perhaps in food supply, one can’t really say that an oil is natural without care or further explanation. Some of the most beneficial essential oils can prove harmful under certain conditions. Essential oils can be very powerful, and just because a product is natural doesn’t mean that it’s harmless. Inappropriate use can regularly lead to adverse and harmful side effects.

There are quite a few products on the market that contain artificial ingredients including fragrance oils and make a claimclaim to be aroma therapeutic. The large majority of true essential oils are manufactured through distillation. There are unique processes used, however. In some of them, water is heated to produce steam, which extracts the most powerful chemicals of the aromatic components with it. The steam is then chilled (in a condenser) and the resulting distillate is gathered. The essential oil will usually sit on top of the Hydrosol (the distilled water component) and may be separated off. When Essential oils are carefully mixed with a unique medicinal purpose in mind, something called essential oil synergy is created. Is one treating an individual or making soap?

From the therapist’s point of view a single thing should be very clear; there are substantial differences between the essential oils, of one store and another. Claims such as these don’t indicate that the product is made solely from the ingredient(s) listed. There are dozens of essential oils, which amongst them make up an extremely powerful medical system.

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