The Duck Face a Psychological Disorder  Healthy Everyday

The Duck Face a Psychological Disorder Healthy Everyday Maybe you are a person who likes to do selca or self camera. Narcissistic with the camera itself is fun, especially if you do the selfie with the right angle. One trend ppose very popular today is the duck face pose. The trend they do make it look sexy, funny, and cute. But, According to a study psychology at a site, WHO people take pictures of himself with facial expressions Deliberately to mislead the attention, as one of them is pouted lips, is Likely to have a mental disorder.

The same comments delivered by Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director, Media Psychology Research Centre, as quoted from, Reflecting and take pictures of yourself or selfie are two different things. With style in front of the glass pose a real movement, while selfie over the images that you create yourself to get the attention of others. Such things show someone a lonely, insecure, always wanted to be the center of attention and usually not too smart .

Posing with duck face showed low self-esteem a person with a natural face they have. They want to disguise the lack of face to make it look attractive. For those of you who like to take pictures of yourself with a duck face selfie no need to worry. although the duck face selfie considered a psychological disorder, but does not give a bad effect on you and the environment. But at least consider as an alarm to reduce it, because the sweet smiling face and bright eyes smart nan more unsightly than the duck face.