Bummis Swimmi Swim Diapers

Bummis Swimmi Swim Diapers

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Baby fashion will never be the sameFrom the Riviera to the neighborhood kiddie pool,

your baby will have the cutest bum around.

And rest assured - nobody will ever have to empty the pool because of your baby!

Fashion and peace of mind - what better combination can there be in a baby swimsuit

Engineered with painstaking attention to detail and functionality:

A trim and attractive design that has a terrific fit on any baby Interior polyester mesh for easy clean ups Coated nylon layer sandwiched inside that will hold in the messiest stuff a baby

can throw at you! Fun, unisex cotton prints on the outside Adjustable Aplix closures for a snug and comfortable fit Stretchy soft lycra bindings to protect baby’s tender skin

What should you put inside the SWIMMI?Absolutely nothing!

Can you use this pant as a waterproof diaper cover as well?No! Although the SWIMMI

makes a great cloth diaper cover (see the Bummi Cotton for sizing specifics), you

should not use the same pant for both diapers and swimming.

Note: Although we do our best to stock an exorbitant amount of each print - please

note that prints may vary during a season and absolutely will vary from season to

Diaper covers can be re-used until soiled or smelly.Simply rinse off any urine residue

and air dry in between uses.Rotate your covers after each change.

Check the care instructions on the label of your cover!

The following products should be washed in lukewarm water and hung to dry or air

dried at a low setting in the dryer:

Bummi OriginalBummi CottonWhisper PantCotton Whisper Pant

The following products can be washed in hot or warm water and dried at a regular

setting in the dryer. Do not over dry.

Super Whisper WrapSuper SnapSuper BriteTraining PantPolar Bummi

Always close the Aplix™ closures before washing

Don’t use bleach or whitening agents. They will breakdown the fibers of your diapers

and covers and are also very harsh on your baby’s skin and the environment

Never soak your covers! This will interfere with their waterproof qualities.

Please note that some models of diaper covers should be washed separately from diapers.

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