Quick Tricks: Staying Cool - Health Adjacent

Quick Tricks: Staying Cool - Health Adjacent

It''s possible to live well with a chronic illness...all you need is a little strategy and a sense of humor.

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Ive found that between hormonal changes and Ivan (my new non-fibro, yet to be diagnosed symptoms) I have a really hard time staying cool. I mean, if I take a shower that is too warm, I have to lay in front of a fan for a half an hour to cool down again.

This summer, I discovered the most awesome quick trick for staying cool! Gel packs in stretchy bandage type wrapping. Ok, I didnt "discover" them like I was Sir Issac Newton or anything, but I had no idea how freaking awesome these things are!

Technically, I they can be used as either a hot or cold pack. But since I have an assortment of heating pad type devices, I keep mine in the fridge at all times. You can put them in the freezer too, but thats too cold for me for prolonged use. Heres how I use them:

Wrapped around my head to keep me cool outside (yes, I look like an accident victim...so what?)

Strapped on to my feet or knees to deal with hot, swollen joints

Wrapped around my neck after a shower to cool me down

These cold packs are a life saver, especially in the summer.

I looked at the text on the pack to see if I could find out where I bought them (my memory is a casualty of my pain meds). I think they came from Target...but Ive seen similar kinds of things at CVS and Walgreens. Anyway, give them a try the next time you feel a bit on the hot flashy side.

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