Let's Get This Party Started - Health Adjacent

Let's Get This Party Started - Health Adjacent

It''s possible to live well with a chronic illness...all you need is a little strategy and a sense of humor.

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I have a million ideas of things to share with you. Im trying to pace myself so I dont tell all of the good stuff upfront and have nothing left for later. But Ive never been good at pacing myself. Something that many people with fibro struggle to do.

Still, I want to share something so that youll know this aint no joke, sh$ts about to get real up in here (yes, this is how I talk in real life...my kids think its hilarious.)

One of the shade beds I planted in my back yard this summer.

Rather than a tip, Im going to tell you a little more about myself. I just dont feel as if we know each other well enough, yet. I should take this opportunity to mention that I am a gardening author. I have contributed articles to a number of sources, online and in print, and am the author of Grocery Gardening (available in bookstores and Amazon). I also write a blog called Gardener to Farmer and co-host a podcast called Good Enough Gardening. I am a contributor to a couple of books coming out next year, and I am a writer for the new gardening app called intoGardens.

Before becoming a writer (undergrad in English) I was worked in nonprofits. My graduate degree is a Masters of Social Work, and I social worked the crap out of some folks...some probably werent too happy about it, either. But I felt a huge sense of satisfaction from my work. And it was there, at the pinnacle of my career, where fibromyalgia showed up.

I dont want to bore you with the gory details (pacing myself, remember?) Suffice it to say that though my symptoms had been developing for several years, I had a major health crisis that caused me to take leave from my position as Executive Director. And though I went back to work following that, I just couldnt maintain work, a chronic illness and two kids (more about them later...pacing, pacing). Within 6 months Id left work and started a whole new career writing (from home) with the hopes of still being able to provide for my family.

That was 5 years ago...and a lot has changed since then. Honestly, in the past year Ive grown sicker and fear I have developed an additional disease. Right now, were calling it Hurricane Ivan (Ivan, for short) Thankfully, I see a new rheumatologist next week. Im preparing to be poked and prodded and sent home crying...thats how you know a new doc is doing their job.

Alright, thats more than enough for now. Catch you on the flip side (yep, I actually say stuff like that, too.)

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