In your quest for best weight

In your quest for best weight

In your quest for best weight loss plans, cutting out sugar should be top priority. Foods that are sweetened like many cereals, packaged baked goods, and desserts are loaded with sugar. Eating large amounts of sugar will spike your blood sugar up and give you a later energy drop. This will also tend to make you gain weight. Below are some tips for cutting back on your sugar intake.

1. Don''t drink soft drinks. This includes diet soda. Of course the regular drinks are packed with sugar, but even though the diet drinks have little or no sugar, they still cause you to gain weight. Recent research has shown this. Learn to drink water when thirsty and you can''t go wrong.

2. Cut out fruit juices if you want to cut back on sugar. The sugar is concentrated and the fiber is missing. Fresh fruits are better because fiber slows the sugar absorption. Eating vegetables would be even better because of lower sugar intake.

3. If you are a cereal lover, you would do better in your weight loss efforts to eat oatmeal instead of pre-sweetened cereal. There is a variety of flavored oatmeal that you can easily fix in a bowl or mug. Just add hot water and you''re good to go. You will be getting a hot breakfast and more fiber and protein than cold pre-sweetened cereal. Your energy level should be more steady that way.

4. Low calorie snacks are a big help. There’s a series of products that only contain 100 calories and you should seek these out in your grocery store. Even though these may contain cookies and sugary snacks, they are limited to just 100 calories and make things easier to control. Just don''t go and eat 2 and 3 of these at a time! Have these in your lunch bag or car for those odd hour cravings.

5. Steer clear of those office vending machines. If you were to study the labels of the items in these machines, you''d see that they are loaded with carbs and sugar. It''s far better to have nuts, peanut butter and friut available than to rely on the junk food machines. The prices are very high on these machine items also. Calculate the cost per ounce sometime and you will be amazed.

Eliminate hidden sugar in your diet and you are on the way to your best weight loss year ever.

Quick Tip #1

Use water in place of soft drinks. The amount of sugar in soft drinks can sabotage your weight loss efforts and should be avoided. Yes, you should also avoid diet sodas. Water is best.

Quick Tip #2

Get more exercise the easy way by walking more. Park further away from your destination and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a walk after dinner at least 3 times a week. This will really add up and make a difference.

Quick Tip #3

Recruit a weight loss partner. This can be friend or Family member and makes you accountable to someone else. Motivate each otherand make sure neither of you slack off.Workouts can be more fun and productive when you have a partner.


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