Importance of Meditation to our Life

Importance of Meditation to our Life

The worst scenario in our life is when we really want to achieve something but lose focus. How many of us started the diet last week and let go of it before the end of the same week? We started going to the gym or tried to go for a walk every day, but after a week or so just couldn’t continue. We want everything served to us in a platter. Time is so scarce for most of us that we just cannot maintain such ideal routines. You see the picture of an actor with a well-built body and you wish you could achieve such a physique, but then you point out that these actors earn a livelihood through their looks and have all the time in the world to maintain such a body. Don’t you?


So I’ll get the life you want on a platter to you. But you have to promise yourself you will do it. Because as we have heard our elders say time and again, “Nothing comes easy in life”. You can achieve all you want by devoting just ten minutes of your life to yourself. Be realistic, you spend more time in train nowadays.

In fact you can utilize those 10 min in train itself. All I am going to ask of you is to close your eyes & focus on one point (best results have been seen if you focus on the region between the eyes; for medicos, being a little more precise, I’m talking about the glabella). As soon as we close our eyes, our mind which is a vast ocean of thoughts sets into accelerated action.

Your visual inputs from the outside world have stopped. No more your brain has to concentrate on comprehending signals of what you see. It becomes free to think. You will basically be flooded by a variety of thoughts like your children’s future, your own ambitions, family, bad boss, boyfriend issues and so on. Pause. That is what you have to do.

While concentrating at the decided point, simultaneously start being aware of your breaths. As Wordsworth said “What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”. In a few words he managed to explain how most of us end up spending our life. We never even realize we are living. Just from one duty to another. We have been reduced to mere puppets in the hands of money. So getting back to where we were, shut the world off for some minutes and just focus with an aim to silent your hyperactive mind.

It will be difficult at first, but slowly and steadily, after a few days, you’ll be able to achieve a balance. Try to maintain the silent state as long as possible and this precious time in return will harness your energies. It will make you more focused at work, cheer up your spirits, and you can get through the most hectic/disastrous days with ease.

It is not necessary to sit cross legged, in a separate room to exercise this activity. But yes, most people report that better results are seen with an erect spine, crossed legs and silent environment. As we know some practices like that of a chiropractor are entirely based on the well- being achieved by maintaining a healthy spine.

According to this practice, the source of life is in the fluid that circulates between the brain and the spinal cord (Cerebrospinal fluid). In our day to day activities we tend to ignore our posture. But in this compulsorily devoted 10 minutes, we will make a conscious effort to sit erect.And by meditation, we will be aiming to achieve a healthy mind.

Thus, we will be able to attain a better functioning of our central nervous system which in turn will regulate our other organ functions to the optimum.But are you satisfied by just this over all advantage. I think not. Human beings by nature are very greedy. So let’s list out a few advantages. That way those who only have two min to scan through will also get the gist of what they are looking for.

The following are the importance of meditation to our life..

According to ” Jeanie L. Davis “Meditation Balances the Body’s Systems The mind, heart, and body can improve with regular meditation.

1. Mood elevator.
Meditation has been found to elevate serotonin levels. And serotonin levels have been found to be low in disorders like depression. So I’ll leave you to do the rest of the math

2. Increases brain activity.
While meditating, all our attention is focused on the brain. Higher functioning requires higher nutrition. Thus the blood supply to the brain improves. Dementia and other degenerative disorders set in faster if the brain is not actively used. Some studies in fact indicate a lesser chance of development of age related neurodegenerative disorders in people who have been meditating regularly.

3. Enhanced focus and attention.
As we train our mind to focus at one fixed point, this practice leads to better attention at work and studies. (So all you toppers out there, your secret is out). This activity will thus help boost your memory power.4. Improved EQ.
When we train our mind to shut out all the thoughts, we in turn are training it to get a hang of emotions. Our emotions are governed by the Limbic system that is situated in the brain. So as we are improving our brain functioning, we get a better hang of our emotions too. If you have an anger management problem, I think you have got a solution now.

5. Better goal attainment.
Life is like a nuclear reactor. Everything is a chain reaction. Be it the food chain on an anger chain. It is common knowledge now, if you see someone smiling at you, you also end up smiling and so the chain continues. By meditating, you do find peace within yourself, and the satisfaction and happiness reflects on your face. You start creating a sphere of positive energy around you which in turn affects that of the people around you, and before you know the very life that was a source of dissatisfaction till yesterday, in a few days’ time takes a turn for the better. Human race does survive on hope. And we are like vessels. We need to keep refilling our vessel with hope. Till the time we don’t have a positive attitude towards our goals, they will just remain words written on a piece of paper. That exercise regimen you couldn’t follow, that dream you couldn’t fulfill; they are all just a stone throw away.

6. Can sleep better.
Yes, the improved serotonin levels help you to sleep soundly at night. As a result, you feel fresher when you start the next day.

7 Heart health.

Many of scientist, doctor have research on this studies on heart health .But it has shown regular practice can reduce our high blood pressure over the long term. Also a study of american journal of hypertension showed that teenager who meditate for 15min for a 4 month were able to lower their blood pressure for few points.

8.Women health

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), infertility problems, and even breastfeeding can be improved when women meditate regularly. In one study, PMS symptoms subsided by 58% when women meditated. Another study found that hot flashes were less intense among meditating women. In one study, PMS symptoms subsided by 58% when women meditated. Another study found that hot flashes were less intense among meditating women.

Women struggling with infertility had much less anxiety, depression, and fatigue following a 10-week meditation program (along with exercise and nutrition changes); 34% became pregnant within six months. Also, new mothers who meditated on images of milk flowing from their breasts were able to more than double their production of milk.

a.If I think about the diseases where meditation could be useful, I would have to write a whole list down. Just a few to name would be ADHD, Parkinson’s, Cancer (would not cure it, but at least help to manage the pain better), Depression, etc. And guess what, there are no side effects and this is totally free. You don’t have to go to a doctor nor do you have to get a prescription. But if you have a chronic disease and you don’t have the will power to get through, try to incorporate meditation as a part of your daily routine. At least you will be happier while wading through your troubles. According to me, meditation is a perfect example of being in harmony with the saying, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.